Our current class offerings are described below. For information about what to wear to class, click here.

Ballet Rose (ages 3-5) / Lilac (ages 5-7) / Blossom (ages 7+)

This curriculum was adapted for our studio from Ballet Barre None, which was developed by New York based ballet teacher, Eileen Juric. Ballet takes the focus of ballet away from the barre, and puts it on the love and feeling of ballet. Layering technique on a solid foundation, Ballet Fun develops proper technique in a clear way to students and improves coordination, spatial and body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, and a well rounded dancer. There are 3 age groups for this class: “Rose” for ages 3-5, “Lilac” for ages 5-7, and “Blossom” for ages 7 and up.

Adult Ballet (ages 16+)

This class is for beginning and intermediate students.  In it, the elementary forms of ballet will be taught and encouraged as the students progress and learn new techniques.  It is a good class for improving posture, stretching, and overall well-being.  This class will give you a foundation and support for any outside activities you may be engaged in.

Tiny Taps (ages 3-5) and Tall Taps (ages 6-9)

Students will learn basic tap rhythms, technique, and steps across the floor, which will then be incorporated into dance routines.

Move & Groove Hip Hop (4-7)

Students will be introduced to the very beginning movements of hip hop and jazz. This class offers a more free expression of dance, with high energy music with stronger beats and rhythms.

Jazz/Hip Hop (ages 7+)

Students will get the opportunity to enjoy the free movement of hip hop along with the technique in jazz. They will learn how to mix these styles in fun choreography for all styles of modern pop music.

Dance and Sing (ages 5-8)

Students will be exposed to a mixture of different dance genres from jazz, gesture/mime, and theatrical movements. Using music from popular shows on Broadway and other musicals, students will learn technique and choreography for musical theater.

Adaptive Dance (all ages - special needs)

Adaptive dance (offered as private or semi-private) is designed for individuals with differing abilities. The teacher will work with each family’s specific needs and goals for their child, such as IEP related objectives, focus and coordination, active listening / following directions, strengthening brain-body connection through participation in “Braindance”, working on improving eye contact, muscle tone, flexibility, and adaptability to change. Interested families are encouraged to contact us to inquire about a meeting or phone conversation prior to a trial.