Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates

**Third Party Vendors: (i.e.,  Ocean Grove, Connecting Waters) Add $10.00 per month to cover invoicing and processing fees for students paying through a third party vendor.

Group Classes

Group classes consist of 3 or more students. Additional enrollments are 50% off the regular price.
Class Duration Monthly Rate
30 min (weekly) $60.00
45 min (weekly) $70.00
45 min (weekly) *music/dance combo $80.00
60 min (weekly) $80.00
60 min (every other week) $60.00

Private Classes

Private classes are intended for 1 student only.
Class Duration Monthly Rate Trial Lesson
30 min (weekly) $152.00 $43.00
45 min (weekly) $228.00 $62.00
60 min (weekly) $289.00 $77.00

Semi-Private Classes

Our semi-private classes are intended for two dancers.
Class Duration Monthly Rate
30 min (weekly) $85.00
45 min (weekly) $115.00
60 min (weekly) $145.00
* First month’s tuition will be pro-rated if receiving fewer than 4 classes in that month, and we are happy to combine the first and second months upon request. For more information about our pricing for specific class offerings, please contact us.

Registration Fees

* Refundable signup fee is half the monthly tuition.
Registration Type Registration Fee Yearly Processing Fee
Individual (lifetime) $50.00 $20.00
Family (lifetime) $75.00 $28.00
Families who cross enroll between Soaring Spirit Dance and Music Place are eligible for a 10% discount on one of their classes. Looking for a custom quote? Let us know. Also be sure to check out The Music Place (our sister company) for information about private and group music classes.