We are very excited to invite your student to perform with us at Christmas in the Park Sunday, January 5th at 5:00pm. Our dancers will also be joined by a vocal ensemble group from The Music Place. 

To perform in this show with us, you will need to submit an online registration form and pay the participation fee of $45. Once your registration form is submitted, a purchase request will be sent through Classmate for the registration fee. Costumes are included with this fee, and they will include pieces that can be worn again in class. The registration deadline is November 18th. We are not selling tickets for this show as seating in front of the stage is open. Information about parking, arrival times, and costume pick up will be given out as the performance draws closer. 

Follow this link to register for this performance by November 18th. 

We feel performance opportunities are vitally important in the lives of children. Research shows that while performing positively impacts students on an academic level, perhaps even more importantly is the social and emotional strengths that are developed and grown through performing. Self expression, compassion and empathy, along with cooperation and perseverance, are just a few areas that are influenced by performance.

We are looking forward to seeing our dancers show off all they have learned so far this season!